Turbine Forum 2019

Manufacturing, Repair & Life Extension of Turbine Components

May 8 - 10, 2018, Nice / France

Interested in a special advertising?

Tailor your marketing to your customers – as a sponsor of the Turbine Forum conference memory sticks!

  • excellent opportunity to present your company via pictures / video / audio
  • reach the right target audience: every single conference participant receives a memory stick
  • reach the right target audience: every single conference participant receives a memory stick
  • cheaper than an advertisement in a scientific journal
  • costs for 1. printing, 2. saving the data and 3. ten exclusive memory sticks for your personal use: 2 400 Euros all-in
  • all you need to do is to send us your brand logo (TIF or EPS)

Costs all in: 2.400 Euros

Conference bags

Every delegate gets a personal conference bag, including conference documents and USB card stick. The bag could be exclusively designed to the customer’s needs – various colours and logo print.

2.000 Euros all in, incl. printing costs

Your Invitation: Barbecue on the Beach!

A wonderful location – an extraordinary experience! In cooperation with the Holiday Inn Hotel we offer a very special welcome reception. On the first conference evening, all delegates and accompanying persons will be invited by your company to a dinner BBQ buffet on the beach next to the conference rooms. If weather permits, your guests will sit outside in the sand, enjoying the evening mood and excellent food. The starters and desserts will be offered as a buffet, the main courses will be barbecued on site.

(In case of rain or strong cold wind the tables will be placed on Terrace Malibu = conference area). This event will be announced in our program flyer as well as on our website as special invitation from your company to the delegates of Turbine Forum 2017, accompanied by your logo and a special printed invitation in the conference proceedings. In addition, your company will be announced on the front page of the program flyer as the main sponsor of the conference.

10.700 Euros all in, for 100 participants

Become a SPONSOR – Event Sponsoring

Booth, each:

Exhibition table of 1.80m x 0.46m, additional poster wall possible. Situated at the back of the conference room. Max. 5 booths available.

620 Euro + 20 % French VAT (refundable)


French lunch, 3 courses incl. wine, water and coffee for all conference delegates.

On all tables there will be placed small promotion charts or brochures of the sponsoring company (materials delivered by sponsor). At the beginning of the lunch your representative will have the opportunity to welcome your guests and to give a short profile of your company.

Logo and profile (1 page, 4c) will also be integrated into conference proceedings.

2.000 Euro + 20 % French VAT (refundable)

Sponsoring of Welcome Reception

On the evening of the first conference day (Wednesday): All conference delegates and their spouses are invited to a Welcome Reception – either in the hotel bar or on the beach (weather permitting).
This popular event could be modified to your invitation: The surrounding would be decorated with logo or banner (material to be delivered by the sponsor) of your company, and your representative would welcome the guests and raise a toast to them.
Logo and profile (1 page, 4c) will also be integrated as an “invitation” into conference proceedings.

1.800 Euro + 20 % French VAT (refundable)

Conference Proceeding Supplement

One page with your logo and profile, 4c

(printed material delivered by sponsor), 600 Euro

Supplement of a brochure

(printed material delivered by sponsor), 900 Euro

Due to the fact that possibilities for sponsoring are limited, registrations will be accepted in order of their arrival at FORUM of TECHNOLOGY.

The sponsoring fee (+ French VAT – our international VAT No. DE 176234101) has to be paid immediately after receipt of confirmation and invoice. Otherwise FORUM of TECHNOLOGY is entitled to nominate a new sponsor partner.

Payment by credit card requires an additional charge of 3 % on the invoice amount.


Petra Czech c/o FORUM of TECHNOLOGY
by e-mail: petra.czech(at)forumT.com
by phone: +49 (0) 2369 4463
by fax: +49 (0) 2369 3292

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