Turbine Forum 2019

Manufacturing, Repair & Life Extension of Turbine Components

May 8 - 10, 2019, Nice / France


The move to increased efficiency of modern aero and industrial gas turbines has necessitated the use of new technologies. At the same time, enhanced competition with renewables has put great pressure on the operational and life-cycle costs (LCC) of the new gas turbine types.

As a consequence of the severe market situation it is essential to develop theoretical and practical models and tools which help to make the best use of the design life of expensive components and even extend it. The introduction of reliable technologies needed to manufacture, repair and refurbish the advanced machines is in strong demand. Additive manufacturing (“3-D printing”) is studied by numerous working groups. Its application to highly stressed gas turbine components is a challenge. OEMs and independent repair vendors work extensively on methods to strip and recoat environmentally protective and thermal barrier coatings. The special features of the advanced components like DS and SX solidification, thin walls, film cooling and highly sophisticated coating systems are major tasks. Life modelling and prediction are additional requirements in the operation of modern turbomachines.

The Turbine Forum 2019

will highlight the market situation, summarise the status of advanced refurbishment and repair methods and show examples of successful solutions to severe degradations. Furthermore, it will show the re-engineering of critical components. In five sessions international experts will present original papers in the following areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Repair Strategies / Case Studies
  • Advanced Welding and Brazing
  • Life Assessment, Modelling and Prediction

A Pre-Conference Workshop

on Additive Manufacturing will provide an overview of AM processes – evolution as well as state of the art and trends in the future. Industrial applications in turbine markets will also be discussed by case studies pointing out opportunities and limitation of AM in this field.

The Turbine Forum 2019

links science and practical experience in the field of effective repair of gas turbine components. Conference delegates will have the opportunity to talk to and meet the experts in the field of repair processes and technology developments. Latest methods will be discussed and potential road maps for the future will be exhibited. Networking with the global players in the repair business will enable participants to find the critical and cutting edge information. There will be sufficient time left for general audience discussions during the forum, as well as in the breaks, during the lunches and at the conference dinner. The comfortable location near the Côte d’Azur beach together with excellent French cuisine guarantees the positive mood for a successful event.

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